Rotary Ride + Run

Bunker & Back

13th September 2020

Rotary Ride & Run is organised by the Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah. 

Sponsored by Quarry Mining.
This Ride & Run will now be an annual event held on the Tocal property.
The 2020 event will support HMRI research into Ovarian Cancer and the HMRI Sports Concussion Clinic.

COVID: Full refund of entry fee will be offered if the event is cancelled due to a change in the COVID-19 situation.

Come Join Us!!

Rotary Ride & Run

You have a choice of rides depending on your skill, fitness and bike. The run will be the 20 km loop.

Each Cyclist can complete multiples of the 20km loop ride (20km, 40km,60km) at Tocal on Sunday 13th September 2020 to support the HMRI Ovarian Cancer Research and the Sports Concussion Clinic.


  • Earlybird registration discount
  • Event medal for all
  • FREE parking
  • FREE Rotary Refreshments included
Mountain Bike Ride - Bunker & Back Ride
Mountain Bike Ride - Bunker & Back Ride
Mountain Bike Ride - Bunker & Back Ride

Registration Details

Registrations are Online using TryBooking payment system.

Early Bird Discount is only available until 31st August. 

Riders – $70.00 per rider. From 31st August the Fee will be $80.00

Runners – $45.00 per runner. From 31st August the Fee will be $60.00

All riders and runners must pay in full at time of registration. No part payments are accepted.

Cancellations by a Rider or Runner must be via email only for security reasons, no refunds for the registration fee.

If a rider or runner fails to turn up there is no refund and his fee will be treated as a Donation.

Riders and Runners MUST choose their ride/run distances when registering

Riders and Runner accept the Terms of the Ride and Run when Registering.

All rider and runner must sign the Waiver on the day prior to the commencement of the event. 

Download Event Waiver.

Rotary Ride & Run Trail Ride Information

HOW FAR is the RIDE and RUN:
The fire trails are in the beautiful grounds of Tocal College and the courses will be 20km in length for full circuit with maximum of 3 loops.

START TIME: Participants will be allocated start times from 7:30 am.

WHAT is the COST:
Riders: Cost of the event will be $70 if registered prior to 31st August for early bird entries and after that $80, spaces are limited. Food and an event medal included in the fees paid.

Runners: Cost of the event will be $45 if registered prior to 31st August for early bird entries and after that $60, spaces are limited. Food and an event medal included in the fees paid.

Entry to the event will be through the Tocal Field Day gates north of the main College gate.
Car parking will be in the paddock on the Paterson side of the college main entrance.

There will be checkpoints around the course to get a drink if required or report any problems. Tocal College have volunteered a sweep vehicle to assist with any issues while participating in the event.

Spaces are limited. No entries will be accepted after that limit is reached. 

Some Do's and Don'ts


Course direction is set and at no time are riders or runners to travel in the opposite direction while the event is being held and must stay on dirt roads, fire trails and marked pathways.
This is a working farm property and can be dangerous due to rocks, logs and holes in long grass so do not stray off the fire trails
There are cattle grids on the property and while most grids will be by-passed through gates alongside, all care is to be taken to make crossing these grids as safe as possible. Please ensure that if you have to ride over a grid that you approach straight on and not at an angle to prevent wheels from sliding out from under you. Use the gateway alongside the grids as a by-pass when available, but all Riders and Runners please be aware.


Due to terrain it would be preferred that riders use a Mountain Bike or a special gravel bike.

Please ensure your bike is serviced and ready to go.

All participants must wear safety equipment as per road regulations.

Refrain from taking short cuts or making new trails

The trails are for farm access and gravel, rocks, washouts and wildlife will be encountered.

Remain on the marked trails and refrain from taking short cuts


Good Weather
Hydration pack or hand held water bottles with sufficient fluid (1 – 2 litres) to last for the duration of a lap (2 – 3 hours if you are a slower runner)
Shoes – the course is predominately gravel roads and fire trail so normal road running shoes will be suitable
Electrolyte drink, Food, Sunscreen,Hat / cap
Anti-chafe cream / body lubricant
Mobile phone

Bad Weather
All good weather gear
Waterproof jacket
Beanie or buff
Lightweight thermal top

Stay to the left of the tracks where possible and if in a group make sure there is sufficient space for bike riders to pass safely

All rubbish such as gel or food wrappers must be taken with you. This is a working farm and food wrappers could be lethal to stock and wildlife – so take it with you.
This is a charity event so please be courteous to all others enjoying the event

Proudly Supporting HMRI

Mountain Bike Ride - Bunker & Back Ride

Jill Emberson Memorial Fund supports ovarian cancer researchers at HMRI to drive better outcomes for women with this disease, supporting vital research to increase the survival rate of ovarian cancer.

The Sports Concussion Clinic (SCC) aims to support our local sportsmen and women by providing free access to evaluation and medical recommendations to players suffering concussive injury. The Priority Research Centre for Stroke and Brain Injury supports the SCC’s associated research activities, which focuses on support athletes with best evidence-based practice. 

If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please email for details.